What is DevOps?

DevOps is a method set that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). DevOps was created to increase the code release frequency and shorten the software development life cycle. DevOps concept is based on building the team collaboration between software developers, quality assurance specialists and system administrators.

You need to hire a DevOps company if you want to:

  • improve the reliability of your IT infrastructure;
  • reduce the expenses on IT services;
  • speed up the realization of functions you need;
  • accelerate time to market.

The IT sector is a very fast-growing industry. Some trends arise fast and disappear even faster. Other trends like DevOps become necessary for the survival and competitiveness of your business. Imagine, you have five competitors who already use DevOps and your company still works with Waterfall. Your competitors make new releases every two months, but you make them only once a year.

In the long run, you’ll see how big the gap between you and competitors is. DevOps technology is relatively young – it was around for only 10 years, but during this time it became stable and reliable. Thus said, you can implement it without big risks for your projects.

You can hire DevOps engineers in-house or hire the whole DevOps outsourcing team or train your own team and grow your own DevOps engineers. All cases are workable. You need to understand which approach is more suitable for you.

Training could take a lot of time but you wouldn’t change your team. Hiring new specialists also need lots of time and you should expand your in-house team and wait while new employees will delve into the project.

The majority of companies use outsourcing services to save their time and quickly implement new technologies for the company. Anyway, DevOps is a modern and powerful instrument that can significantly increase your competitiveness.

Who is a DevOps engineer?

What about specialists who work with this methodology? We can define a DevOps engineer as a specialist who works at the junction of development and operations.

What does DevOps engineer do?

  • automates processes;
  • detects and corrects problems;
  • prepares a project environment for frequent changes;
  • standardizes the development environment;
  • controls the infrastructure for running the features of the developed software;
  • deploys the code from developers to production.

As you see, DevOps engineers are multi-faceted and highly-qualified specialists. They can help you significantly improve your processes.

Conclusion: what is DevOps and why do you need it?

We have described DevOps meaning as a method and as a specialist. DevOps helps you increase your business competitiveness because of process optimization. With DevOps, you will reduce costs, improve the safety of your IT infrastructure and have the opportunity to release new functions faster. Common feedback from companies who start using DevOps is that the development cycle becomes shorter and now they could make releases faster. As a result, they got a big competitive advantage.

You can introduce DevOps in your company by hiring new specialists in-house, training your own employees or hiring Manager Service Provider with a solid team.

DevOps in our fast-growing world becomes a requirement for any business that wants to be modern and competitive.