Tips to improve user experience

Want to learn how to improve your user experience? For this purpose, you need to pay attention to the details. But which ones? What to do with them? How to do it most efficiently? In this article, you will find answers to these and other questions.

Criteria that help

There are so many websites these days that users are more demanding. This is a common occurrence and you should not blame users for bad intentions. The fact is that the user is becoming more demanding, because his criteria help him navigate the large and generous variety of the Internet.

Most of these criteria will help you improve your website. But first, let’s figure them out. This is a very simple and interesting process. It is always interesting to improve something, and especially when it comes to your favorite website.

White or colorful?

Don’t forget that the design of your website is not why people visit it. Users go to your website for information, and your main task is to provide them with this information in the best possible way.

What can be done for this purpose?

Don’t make colorful sites. Bright colors and their variety distract the user from the content. And if the site looks too bright, then some people will prefer to find another site with the same theme. Therefore, take care of your customers. Make a white background. Do this if only because the white background will never go out of style. A white background is suitable for any type of content. This is convenient because the white background emphasizes the content, but doesn’t distract from it.

Calls to action can be attractive

Yes, it’s true. Calls to action aren’t only a functional object of your website, but a design element. Don’t forget about it. On the Internet, you can find a large number of bad examples. Some of these examples even look ridiculous. But would you like your website to be ridiculed? Unlikely. You would like your website to make a profit, and this is a good goal, but don’t forget that in order to achieve this goal you need to make some efforts.

Designing buttons is easy. Let them be concise. Let them not distract from the main content, but they will be visible and easily accessible. These buttons should make your site more convenient. These buttons should bring your potential buyers closer to buying. Don’t miss your chance.

Use bullet points 

Many users like lists. Lists have become popular because they are convenient and often reduce the time it takes to read large text. Nowadays, when the pace of life has accelerated, it is important to provide concise information. Lists are a great way out. Often in the lists all the most important is highlighted. The user receives the information in a convenient format. Thanks to this, the user is satisfied with your website and returns to it again. Want to achieve this effect, then use bullet points.

404 page isn’t a problem

Don’t be afraid of the error page. Better make her attractive. Failures happen in any work, and even in the most debugged one. But why be ashamed of this, if any flaw can be turned into a virtue?

Make out 404 page so that users would like to look at it. It can be a funny or atmospheric animation. You can also use thematic pictures. When a user sees information about an error, he, of course, is upset, but a creative approach can help keep him in the mood. And if you can, then why not try it and implement it in your beautiful site?

Wisely images are the best images

The obvious question is how can pictures be wise? Indeed, pictures may not be wise, but your approach to using them on your website may be wise.

Pictures help revitalize text content, but they cannot replace it. Don’t try to create a gallery with pictures from your site if you are not a photographer and you need a site not as a portfolio. Try to make your site attractive not by quantity, but by quality. It only sounds easy, but in practice, it isn’t always so simple.

It is important to be mobile-friendly

Yes, this is true. Increasingly, users use their mobiles to visit websites. According to statistics, online purchases are made much more often from a mobile than from a computer. For this reason, it is important for you to make the mobile version of your site as convenient and attractive as possible.

How to achieve this?

In fact, everything is simple. You just need to put yourself in the shoes of a typical user. Remember your experience of mobile surfing. Moreover, programmers always have a couple of secrets on how to make your site and its mobile version even more convenient for users. Take advice from them. And pay great attention to the mobile version of your site.

How to understand that you are on the right track?

There is nothing better than to get acquainted with the results of other companies that are engaged in the same tasks as you. Web design New York agencies are famous for the quality of their projects. Look at their ready-made websites and you will find out what you should strive for. Everything about trends, an unusual approach, the right path in design, you will find there.

And now it’s time to look at your website with a new look and find out how user-friendly it is now.